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Ballyhoo Grill

Steak, Seafood, Pasta, Raw Bar
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Location & Info
3700 W University Ave
Gainesville FL 32607
Phone: 352-373-0059

Mon - Thur 11am - 10pm
Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm
Sun 11am-10pm

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Your rating: None Average: 3.5 (24 votes)

Birthday Lobster Dinner

I would like to Rave about you doing a Birthday Lobster Dinner, how do I get entered ??

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lobster birthday dinner

how do i receive the birthday dinner?

Amazingly poor service, even


Amazingly poor service, even on a quiet Sunday afternoon with no major sporting events. We joined a larger group; waited for 20minutes to be addressed, 15min post-order for drinks to arrive. Watched food ordered the same time as I ordered mine come out 15minutes earlier. No follow-up for either food quality or drink refills over the course of our stay. 2 hours after ordering, and after 3 requests, we still could not get a single scoop of ice cream to complete a kids meal. Twice I went in to the bar for beverages. OK, the server was overwhelmed, and I and the entire group tried to be understanding. Though part of a larger group, we had a separate tab for 2 adults and one child, and the server added automatic gratuity. Upon asking a manager to remove it, Jackie (one mgr on staff) told me she could not remove the automatic gratuity, as she did not have a manager's card. It turns out both another manager and the owner (also her husband) were on staff, so this response would appear to be nonsense - and even if it weren't, what restaurant has such under-prepared management? This might partially explain why the waitstaff was overwhelmed: poor organization and leadership at the venue. Jackie then suggested that since I was part of a large group, and arrived late for the gathering, that I should not expect great service. Upon arguing her point, I was told I was a PIA, and asked not to return. Having spent 15 years in the service industry and as one who regularly tips 20%, I was appalled by this response. I will gladly not return.

Lobster dinner

I would like to register for a Birthday Lobster Dinner on 03-06 2013. Thank You

Register for birthday lobster dinner

I am planning to go to your restaurant on this Saturday for my birthday. I want to register for free birthday lobster dinner.

After doing a delivery in

After doing a delivery in Melrose, we found ourselves in Gainesville looking for somewhere to eat. We came across your restraunt and considering we had never heard of the place and I am not a seafood/sports bar person, we decided to give it go. Impressive. He ordered the grouper and I had the flank steak. Everything was wonderful. The service was great. What a great freindly family orientated atmosphere. Thank you and I can't wait to return.

best food experience EVER!!!


best food experience EVER!!!

Marty Liqouri

I read his book about running. I want to visit Bally Hoo's in gainsville Florida to get Marty Liqouri's autograph.

lobster dinner ??


Rave about BallyHoo for a lobster? You've got to be kidding! Not only lobster, its got the best selection of fresh seafood in the area as well as offering tasty dishes without fins and scales. Good bar and service. The new menu features a variety of items at reasonable prices to please all in your group. We eat there several times a week. If you haven't checked the place out lately, stop in and give yourself a treat!

birthday lobster for momh

how do we register for free lobster dinner

Birthday Lobster dinner

We were planning to come to your restaurant Friday on my birthday and wanted to register for the Lobster dinner

Birthday Lobster

Coming tonight. Do I need a coupon or just proof of age?

Thank you,


Happy birthday, Marilyn

Raving about your food

I am a Gator stuck in Gamecock country. My visits are generally limited to visits to see the Gators play when I can coerce my brother into taking me to your great restaurant.

I was recently in town and we paid one of our visits. My last trip was great and our friend had the scallops and shrimp K-bob which he allowed us to sample. It was so good that I planned to have it the next time in town.

Well, it was no longer on the menu, however when the staff learned of my desire, they graciously created it for me and it was even better than my prior taste. The scallpos were fantastic, cooked just to opaqueness and tender. I can not describe just how good they were and told my brother that if I lived in Gainesville, I would be here every day.

The food and service are fantastic and that comes from a diner who has had the privaledge to eat at some of the finest establishments this world has to offer.

If you have not tried it, you owe it to yourself to do so. I know I will be there on my next trip with plenty of room for dessert.

Great Family Atmosphere

Ballyhoo is a great place to go with family or friends. The upbeat atmosphere, tasty food, live bands, and great service make for a wonderful experience all around. The waitstaff is friendly, quick, and helpful and the food is never disappointing. They have new handcrafted chef specials each week that are always fun to try. The flatbreads and sushi are delicious and make their menu very dynamic. Our favorite dish is the bimini stuffed grouper. I recommend Ballyhoo for anyone looking for somewhere to grab a quick beer or have a relaxing dinner.

down hill fast

We have raved about this place for years to all our friends. 1 or 2 times a month my husband and I come in for a 2-3 hr luch befor a movie. Spending on avg. $500., per month. This is where we take friends and family when they come to town.

Our son was in from TX and made a special request for this, so on 2/7/11 off we we went. My son asked for Broc. and they no longer carry it except for pasta. For my seared tuna when it came out without the wakami I asked for it and after checking we were told that they were out of that as well. Next up the signature bananas foster they are out of the cinnamon sticks. We only find out these items are out as the foods are being served. At this point we asked to see the Manager and got the Assistant Manager. When she arrived we received a long song a dance about they are doing a lot of changes with the menu and some remodling and how the economy was making it hard on them. (Not the customers problems when they come in) She did comp. a round of drinks and the foster and the waitress was great. It might help though if there was more communication from the kitchen staff to the servers.

Now it is 2/13/11 and my son is going back to TX the next day and wants to give it another try. Once seated we asked if certain things were in stock the Wakami and the cinnamon sticks. No cinnamon sticks after a full week but we decide to stay.( the sell this down the road a Publix) Appitizers were great but sevice was slow when my seared tuna came out it was more grey then seared I had asked for no hot sauce on the plate but there was no sauce at all on it, and NO wakami she had to go back to the kitchen for it. My sons chicken and pasta came out with little flavor and the chicken sitting in sauce was completly dried out. Happy hour 2 for 1 we had to ask 2 times for that second drink then they brought the martini out without olives another 10 min. wait while she went back to get that and then a 15 min wait for the last drink order. Even the water glasses would sit empty for a long time. When the waitress noticed that my son had not eaten she asked if he wanted a box when he said no and why she had it taken off the bill. I had to ask 2 times for a box for my tuna. The waitress did take a meal off the bill and the Assistant Mngr. sent over with a $20 cert. and to let us know the supply issues were being corrected. SO this time poor service and sub par food.

We love this place and will try 1 more time after that we start looking for a new place to eat! As a special message to the Assistant Manager we are all going through hard econimic times that is why those places that provide what people spend disposable income on need to work even harder to provide what they offer as well as good customer service, if times are tough then raise prices, train staff in great customer service, adapt the menu. It would have been so much better to get it right the first time then to comp. us $50 in food.

Good luck with fixing your current issues!

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