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Las Margarita's

Mexican Restaurant
Your rating: None Average: 3.1 (14 votes)
Location & Info
4405 NW 39th Ave
Gainesville FL 32606
Phone: 352-374-6699
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Your rating: None Average: 3.1 (14 votes)

Always been a good place to eat

I have been dining with Las Margaritas every since it opened in 2000. Never had any problem with food or service during that time.

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Terrible Customer Service


DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU EXPECT TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. The owner, Alberto, threatened to charge me while dining in for Cholula sauce (a sauce bottle that is available upon request). It's not even stated they charge for using the sauce. Alberto said, "I am going to start charging," and wanted to start with ME. Alberto literally threatened, complete with an angry tone, that he will charge for any sauce applied to my meal. Confused, I said that Cholula sauce is offered as a supplement to any meal. I mean, it's like an equivalent to ketchup!! This is my first time ever writing a review, and the only reason I am now, is because I was treated with such disrespect. Alberto claimed he is losing money by allowing Cholula sauce to be used at no charge to me. I further explained to him, that I work down the street and often come to lunch there during business meetings and bring a lot of business. He was completely rude and said he didn't care. That is fine. I will not be bringing any more business to him. Again, don't go to this restaurant if you expect to be treated with respect.

Alberto, owner of Las Margaritas

Yes, I so agree with you ! He was rude to me also !
He was going to charge me for taking the chips home
that I didn't finish. He said there were cameras on
me watching me wrap them up to take.
Pablo, a terrific waiter there, felt really bad how we were treated.
Go to Chuy's now that it is open and totally remodeled beautifully.
They all are so nice and accommodating. They even
bring me extra chips to take home, no problemo !
Wish someone could report Alberto to teh BBB or something !

Alberto has always charged

Alberto has always charged extra if you want to take the leftover chips and salsa home. I didn't know why as he will have to throw it away anyhow. I have a bad feeling they recycle the chips. When I asked Alberto why he charges extra he said it was because of the small plastic cup they put the salsa in (which cost him about 1/2 cent, if that). Go to LaFiesta, they gladly give you a bag of chips and as much salsa as you want when you leave. Alberto has become different since he opened the new place on 39th.

food was good but the Place

food was good but the Place was so busy that it felted like you got kicked out after you was done eating, they just brought the bill without asking if we wanted anything, we felt like being kicked out cause so many other customers was waiting to eat there.

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